Protect Our Homes

WHAT IT WOULD DO: Amends the Arizona Constitution to prevent the creation of a “real-estate transfer tax” (which is essentially a sales tax) on the purchase of a home or other real estate. Arizona doesn’t have a real-estate transfer tax yet, but there’s been talk of one in the past. Realtors want to shut that down now.

SUPPORTERS SAY: No new taxes! Especially on real estate!

OPPONENTS SAY: Other states have taxes like this and we need to a tax system that’s in line with the modern economy.

MAJOR FUNDING PROVIDED BY: The Arizona Realtors Association


TOTAL $$$ SPENT: $1,107,864

Campaign finance totals reflect activity through May 31. A list of more recent contributions and expenditures of greater than 10K can be found here.

Find the complete text of each initiative here.


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