T.I.M.E. Initiative

UPDATE: The T.I.M.E. initiative will not appear on the November ballot.

WHAT IT WOULD DO: The Transportation and Infrastructure Moving Arizona’s Economy initiative, which tries way too hard to come up with some buzz words to spell out the lame acronym TIME, would create a one-cent sales tax to pay for various transporation projects. The estimated $42 billion the tax would raise over three decades would be split between highways (58 percent), rail and transit projects (18 percent, including $5.45 billion for high-speed rail between Tucson and Phoenix) and local transportation priorities (20 percent).

SUPPORTERS SAY: The state doesn’t have enough money to keep up with its transportation needs; as the current highway system grows, more money is needed for maintenance, which leaves fewer dollars for widening highways; we need to build a rail system between Tucson and Phoenix to give people an alternative to driving; some of the money would end up in local communities to fund roads and transit.

OPPONENTS SAY: The tax is too high; these are tough economic times; growth should pay for the highways; gas taxes should pay for the highways; tolls should pay for roads; rail is a waste of money; highways are a waste of money; we hate taxes; we hate government; we hate progress.

MAJOR FUNDING PROVIDED BY: Various construction and engineering firms


TOTAL $$$ SPENT: $264,684

Campaign finance totals reflect activity through May 31. A list of more recent contributions and expenditures of greater than 10K can be found here.

Find the complete text of each initiative here.


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