Incumbent Democrat Sen. Marsha Arzberger, who has served as Senate Minority Leader over the last two years, is being forced into retirement by term limits. Democrat Manny Alvarez, a pistachio farmer from Elfrida, is looking for a promotion to the upper chamber.

To learn more about Alvarez’s voting record and other background information, check out Project Vote Smart.

Alvarez will face Republican Mary Ann Black in the November general. Black, a real-estate broker who has been active in Republican politics in the Sierra Vista area, lost to Arzberger by 15 percentage points in the 2006 general election. Black’s priorities include securing the border, lowering taxes, protecting property rights and reducing government regulation.

For more background information on Black, visit Project Vote Smart.

House of Representatives

Legislative District 25 leans Democratic, but the House has been split between Democrat Manny Alvarez and Republican Jennifer Burns for the last six years.With Alvarez making his play for the Senate seat and Burns retiring, there are two open House seats in LD25. The Democrats are fielding Patricia Fleming, and Richard Boyer, who lost a 2006 campaign for the Arizona Corporation Commission.

The two Democrats will face Republican David Stevens and Timathy Davies in November.

LD25 Fun Facts

Legislative District 25, a mostly rural district that includes Marana, Sierra Vista and Nogales, is home to roughly 27,500 Democrats, 23,700 Republicans, 425 Libertarians and 18,800 voters who aren’t registered with those parties. It is the largest Legislative District in Arizona.

Candidate Web sites


Democrat Manny Alvarez

Republican Mary Ann Black

House of Representatives

Democrat Richard Boyer

Democrat Pat Fleming

Republican Timathy Davies

Republican David Stevens


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