District 3

As she seeks her fourth term representing District 3 on the Pima County Board of Supervisors, Democrat Sharon Bronson has drawn both primary and general challenges.

The Democratic challenger in the primary is no newcomer to local politics. Donna Branch-Gilby is past chair of the Pima County Democratic Party and most recently served as first vice-chair of the Arizona State Democratic Party.

Branch-Gilby was also active in the local Democratic Party’s election integrity battle with the county, and accuses Bronson of being an obstructionist in her votes to keep voting data base files from the party.

“I was and continue to be concerned about the Board’s undemocratic behavior. As a group, the Board wasted time and money to keep election records closed. Sharon Bronson’s actions were particularly troubling. She led in virtually every obstructionist move the Board made throughout the process,” Branch-Gilby wrote on her campaign Website.

While Bronson’s GOP challenger has also been a vocal critic regarding election integrity, his focus is on budget and road infrastructure.

Barney Brenner also happens to be a familiar opponent. The retired business owner took Bronson on in 2000. He intended to run against Bronson in 2004, but never filed. This time, Brenner says he’s out to challenge Bronson on road infrastructure issues and the county budget.

Brenner says he’s followed several county road crews and discovered that some aren’t repairing potholes correctly, causing the county to spend more money repairing roads more often than it should.

“These issues transcend party politics,” Brenner says, regarding his platform. “The county is misspending your county tax dollars and mine.”

Regarding elections integrity issues, Bronson defends her voting record, and says the board had no choice under the Arizona Revised Statutes to force the issue to go to court.

“We had to obey the law,” Bronson says. “And the Secretary of State had said (the data base files are) not public records.”

Bronson says she is gearing up for campaign mode and eager to reflect on her years in office. One success immediately come to mind, she says – the Sonoran Desert Conservation Plan.

“I was a key supporter,” she says. “As we continue the process of implementing the plan and go further, that excites me.”

District 3 Fun Facts

District 3, which stretches from midtown Tucson to the Ajo, is home to about 35,800 Democrats, 24,000 Republicans, 700 Libertarians, 300 Greens and 23,400 voters who aren’t registered with those parties.

Candidate Web sites

Democrat Sharon Bronson

Democrat Donna Branch-Gilby

Republican Barney Brenner


5 Responses

  1. Well, Branch-Gilby is by far the best out of the lot. Bronson is the taxpayers nightmare and her election transparency moves should have her fired. She was the biggest hack on for Diebold, pressuring others to approve the purchase. This was during the time activists were trying to get them to consider other machines for the handicapped that work better, like TouchPad or TouchKey (can’t remember name) or AccuVote.

    The Board knew that Diebold’s own shareholders had a $100 million dollar class action lawsuit they filed against Diebold. Their own shareholders don’t trust them but we are supposed to?

    And Lawall’s office has a huge role in this, using scare tactics to convince the Board Diebold would sue for breach of contract. Ha! Any moron would know that would go nowhere because the contract was with Brewer and not Pima not to mention with all the documented hacking Diebold was bluffing. What should have happened is the citizens should have called the bluff and turned around and filled a lawsuit against the Board and Diebold immediately after the purchase. The machines don’t even meet legal certification requirements.

    “One success immediately come to mind, she says – the Sonoran Desert Conservation Plan.”

    Sorry, Sharon. You can’t ride on the coattails of one good decision out of tons of bad ones forever. Branch-Gilby created an entire sustainable living community where she lives. Top that!

  2. Brenner isn’t a bad candidate and did pretty well against Bronson in the past. He hasn’t done anything for the election issue, I am not sure how committed he is to water and development issues though. I would take him before Bronson but Donna is the one who can really bring change.

  3. The link in the article is for Bronson’s office website. Her campaign website is http://www.bronson08.com.


  4. Is it odd that the first commenter spews all of that negative information, and doesn’t post their name? The downside of the internet is that you can post anything anonymously and get away with it no matter what you say. You can clearly see who I am, so why not post your real name FGHH?

    Sharon is a great County Supervisor. Parts of District 3 have received money for neighborhood improvements that previous D3 Sups were unable or unwilling to get out to those neighborhoods.

    Sharon Travels to all of the communities in her district and the people of her district really appreciate all she has done. From Ajo to Flowing Wells, I have personally witnessed the support for Supervisor Bronson.

    Vote Bronson in ’08!

  5. On your endorsements of candidates for the Primary on Tuesday, Sept. 2, I support your participation on the process. When Donna Branch-Gilby declared her candidacy, Democrats questioned the wisdom of running against a “good sitting Democrat.” Well, folks, this IS the Democratic process and no elected official incurs political longevity.

    Supervisor Bronson is skilled at identifying herself with selected actions like the Sacred Cow we call the Sonoran Desert Conservation Plan. Actually the architect of the plan was a very smart woman named Maveen Behan who never got credit for her effort and Supervisor Carroll was the first member of the Board to sign on. In order for the SDCP to be adopted – the magic “three” had to come into play. No single member of the Board can take credit for the SDCP. Some just talk about it all the time (sigh).

    Harry Truman coined the phrase (indeed, he always had it on his desk) “The buck stops here”. That meant all the bucks – not just the ones he wanted to claim. All actions by the board require at least a vote of three to pass so no Supervisor can claim all the credit for any specific function in the county – nor can any Supervisor completely shed the stink of plans gone awry.

    And the budget is not something to crow about. They pass a budget that includes a quarter of a million dollars of Sara Lee pastries (Board Minutes 2/01/2005) each year for five years for “various departments”. They authorize the purchase of a building on 22nd St where the Election Dept. occupies less than 25% and rest stands empty and you applaud fiscal responsibility.

    Your decision to endorse Supervisor Bronson does not represent your usual good sense. Dig deeper.

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