ScrambleWatch Q&A: Republican David Gowan on Crime

Having made it through the primaries, Republican David Gowan will run against Frank Antenori and Andrea Dalessandro in the general election for one of two seats in Legislative District 30 House of Representatives. We asked him some questions on crime.

Should we increase state funding for prison construction?

It’s hard because we are in such a big hole. I like what Arpaio does. I think he has a good plan and he saves the county a lot of money. At the moment we have got to come out of our money crisis.

Should we have more contracts with private prisons?

I want to see how the ones that are out there are doing compared to the public ones. It’s not that I would support it or not, I would want to take a look at them and compare them.

Should we spend more on programs that provide prisoners with vocational education while they are behind bars?

Helping them earn their GED is a good thing. I think our problem is allowing them to have cable TV and other extra-curricular things. Education is a different thing. Rehabilitation is the purpose.

Should we look at alternatives to imprisonment for non-violent offenders?

I guess it depends on Continue reading


ScrambleWatch Q&A: Democrat Daniel Patterson on Education

Democrat Daniel Patterson is running for House of Representatives in Legislative District 29. We asked him some questions about education policy.

Should the AIMS test remain a requirement for high-school graduation?

No. I listen to the teachers and the teachers don’t support it. I don’t think it’s worked very well and in general I don’t support federal or state level micromanagement of local school districts and that’s what the aims test is.

Do you favor any changes for the AIMS test or would you do away with it completely?

I’d like to sit down with the education community and teachers and see what they think but at least with the current AIMS test I don’t think it’s worth keeping.

Do you support state-funded vouchers for private or religious schools?

No. If people want to send their kid to a private or religious school that’s fine, but I think they should pay for it. I support strong funding for public schools and vouchers Continue reading

ScrambleWatch Q&A: Republican David Gowan on the Environment

Having made it through the primaries, Republican Frank Antenori will run against David Gowan and Andrea Dalessandro in the general election for one of two seats in Legislative District 30 House of Representatives. We asked him some questions on the environment.

Do you support allowing some state trust land to be set aside for conservation without payment to the trust?

No, because it’s there to fund our education-that’s in the Constitution.

Should the state set fuel-efficiency standards for cars and trucks sold in Arizona?


Should the state increase gasoline taxes to pay for more highway construction?

No, no tax increase. We are at a $2 billion deficit from spending and we need to cut back a little. It’s not up to the tax payers to pay for the government’s spending habits.

Should the state require new schools to incorporate renewable-energy features such as solar panels if it will increase construction costs?

Locally, they can make that decision for themselves. If we give them a portion of money and they decide to do that, they are going to have to figure out how.

Should the state continue to provide tax credits for solar installation?

I guess that’s ok because someone is saying they have the power to decide where their money is going.

Should the state enact environmental rules that are more strict then federal regulations?


ScrambleWatch Q&A: Republican David Gowan on Taxes

Republican David Gowan will face Republican Frank Antenori and Democrat Andrea Dalessandro in the race for two seats in Legislative District 30 in the House of Representatives. We asked him some questions on taxes.

Do you support the repeal of the state property tax?


SInce it will cost the state $250 million, what should the state cut to make up for the lost revenue?

Stop the frivolous spending.

Do you support borrowing for school construction?

I’m not a big borrowing fan. No.

Any other quick thoughts on tax or budget reform you’d like to share?

I believe in more of a sales tax instead of property or income taxes.

Legislative Candidate Ephraim Cruz: No Comment on Child Support Lawsuit

State House of Representatives candidate and former Border Patrol agent Ephraim Cruz is open to talking about a federal court case in which he beat charges of illegally smuggling an illegal immigrant across the border.

But Cruz, who is one of seven Democrats seeking two House seats in southside Legislative District 29, is not as forthcoming when it comes to a lawsuit in which he had his wages garnished to pay child support. (Note: Although a judge ordered a paternity test in the case, Cruz had taken a paternity test one week after the child’s birth that showed he was the father.)

James Lamb, who is managing Cruz’s campaign, said that Cruz, 35, would have no comment on the legal actions taken against him by the mother of his son, who was born in December 2001.

Pima County Superior Court records show that in February 2004, the Arizona Attorney General’s Office filed suit on behalf of the child’s mother, whom ScrambleWatch ’08 has chosen not to identify. A recent phone number for the woman, who was working as a nurse at the time of the lawsuit against Cruz, has been disconnected.

Judge Pro Tempore Karen Adam ordered Cruz in June 2004 to pay $775.25 a month in child support. That included $698 a month for current support and $75 toward the $15,654 that Cruz owed in payments dating back to the child’s birth, according to court records. (The amount also included $2.25 in administrative costs.)

In August 2004, the Border Patrol was ordered to begin withholding child-support payments from Cruz’s paycheck.

Less than a year later, in October 2005, Cruz requested that the court lower his monthly payments because he had been suspended without pay from the Border Patrol following his federal indictment on charges of smuggling a Mexican national Continue reading