ScrambleWatch Q&A: Republican Trent Humphries on Education

Trent Humphries is one of three Republicans running for a seat in Legislative District 26 House of Representatives GOP primary that voters will decide on Sept. 2. We asked him some questions about education policy.

Should the AIMS test remain a requirement for graduation?

No, by the time graduation comes around, the horse has already left the barn. We need to be tracking that from the minute they start the first grade and on as well as work to address any deficiencies before graduation day.

Do you favor any changes to the AIMS test?

We need something like the MAPS test to get the metrics we need. The AIMS test doesn’t really bring us the numbers we need to make sound decisions.

Do you support state-funded vouchers for private or religious schools?

No, not at this time, just because there is a lot of push back from the private school system, so until that can be resolved, I’m pretty happy with the current charter school system.

Does the state need to spend more on school construction and should we borrow to pay for that construction?

I think we need to look at that on a case-by-case basis. I would like to see us work Continue reading